Dear Member and/or friend

Following a visit to Bancroft Mill a few years ago, a further visit has been arranged for April 13th when we shall be able to see the William Roberts engine from Nelson  (1920) doing its stuff and also the Smith Bros & Eastwood engine from Cross Lane Mill at Bradley running on steam after about 10 years of rebuilding work. It is hoped that both engines will run under steam towards the end of our visit.

Sad to say that the Cornish Boiler which feeds steam to the engines has required skilled and expensive work on its vessel over the winter but it is now fully tested and remains safe having had skilled attention with proper inspections and pressure testing.  Alas this work has caused a steaming to be cancelled and money saved for chimney re pointing has had to be used.

Our association  will make a donation to Bancroft’s funds in recognition of their kindness in steaming the engines for us and for the fact that we shall have an informed guide during our stay. Members may bring a guest or family member, you are still at liberty to make a donation to Bancroft’s funds. There are boxes for that purpose in the premises.

Steaming of the engines is intended to take place towards the end of our visit as steam will only be raised from early morning on that day.

If you are still at work and have access to a notice board, we would appreciate a copy of our poster being placed there, new members are always welcome.

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